From a Window
--by DaySounds © 2011-17
(Spanish Original)

From a window,
We see the horizon.
From a window,
We see the rising sun.

How much beauty out there:
A circular rainbow,
Wavy white hair,
Deep blue mackerel,
Large crowns,
Beautifully designed,
Resting in quiet lakes.

Small window, dirty window,
An interlude, an in-between,
A means.

Inside, there are eyes:
Blue, green, brown,
And black eyes,

Happy eyes, tired eyes,
Sad eyes, worried eyes,
Circles outside, circles inside,


Closed eyes, open eyes,
Eyes that look--
Some, outside; some, inside.

Reflecting, thinking, meditating
On what we have been,
Are, and will be.

The door opens, jump! ...
There are no longer
Windows, no in-between.
We are one outside and inside,
Floating with God,
In the sky.

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