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Which is larger
Sirius or Antares,
Venus or Saturn?
A rising Moon at night
Or a Moon up in the sky?

Mirror, mirror,
Do you truly reflect
what is true and right?

An eyewitness testimony
Is respected,
Held as true--
All the more
If there are
At least two.

Witness of reality,
A mirror's reflection,
Is just that,
His or her reflection.

Do you take into account
Its flatness,
Its cleanness, its lack of spots?
Is it crooked or straight?
How about the angle which is set?

Young Douglas tree branches
As Blue spruce look
When superficially examined
And without context at all.

Reality and facts
Must be presented and interpreted
Not through a mere reflection,
But through their context
And careful examination.

Are computers made by chance--
Through the melting
Of rubber trees
In forest fires,
And land minerals
In explosions of volcanoes
Through millions of years passed?

Do computers other computers
By attaching one piece
Into another one--
Without any other
External pieces used,
Whether plastic or metal?

For every cause
There is an effect

Let us study,
In an objective,
Logical manner,
If the claims
Of what gave place
To the other
Are correct.

How was
The human brain

A nation, a state,
A town,
An organization,
Even friends,
And family members
Can the righteous condemn
Without carefully examining
In contextual
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