Dear little Christian
by Faithe, copyright 2004

Dear little Christian,
God has seen you,
He has touched you,
During your journey in and out,
To serve Him.
He has seen your quiet acts of obedience
As He continues to smile toward you

Sweet, little Christian,
Can you see the hand of the Lord,
That lifts your burden,
Wipes the tears,
And forever guards your heart
From the valley of the evil one?

By your little hands,
A pleasing heart you have to serve Him,
As you work in His vineyard.
When He comes in the evening time,
He shows favor toward you,
And makes it easy for you
To carry the mantle of Jesus.

Continue in your stead
Onward, 'till the day is done,
Beloved of God, little Christian
Beloved of Him, little one.

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