Go! Go! Go!
--by Virginia Lee Cox ©2013

God has given us today.
Let's live it.
If we have anything to give
Now's the time to give it.

If we delay 'til another day,
It could be a day too late.
If you have something good to do,
Why would you want to wait?

Do you have something hoarded away
That a friend could use right now?
Well, get it out and dust it off
As quickly as you know how.

Then give it to the one who can use it.
Things are expendable, you know.
You sure can't take anything with you
When it's your time to go.

I don't mean we should rush through life--
Take time to smell the flowers.
But plant some seeds to grow more of them
To produce more happy hours.

Don't keep your good intentions
Just locked up in your heart.
If you would accomplish anything,
You have to actually start.

Virginia Lee Cox is the author of the book
Go Find the Elephants, where you can read
this and many others of her poems. She is
97 years old and loves the Lord. This is the
advice she gave this afternoon, which is
applicable to all of us:
"Enjoy life (in a godly way) while you have it."

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