Receiving God's Promises
(Spanish Original)
--by Julian Gamboa
--translation by DaySounds

"For all the promises of God in Him are yea, and in Him Amen." --2 Cor. 1:20

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind." --2 Tim. 1:7

How many times we give up without fighting, without trying to go forward and face the problems encountered in our lives! We can't hide our fear, and we turn back, like the people of Israel, who didn't want to see any other solution than returning to Egypt and forget about God. Let's remember that Egypt, in this context, means the world, sin.

The people of Israel didn't believe that God was with them, that God was going to fight for them. Sometimes, we allow unbelief and fear to overtake us. God had shown them miracles and wonders when He opened the Red Sea for them to cross, and cross on dry ground; in their journey, He had delivered them from other peoples--and, suddenly, they are overtaken by fear! It happened to Elijah, the prophet, who had the victory over 400 prophets of Balaam; and, then, fled when he was threatened by the queen.

God is more powerful than the Canaanites and Egyptians of our lives. The Israelites didn't have to unsheathe any sword against Egypt to win the victory over them. God did it for them. God is more powerful than all the kingdoms of the Earth.The cities of Canaan were fortified, but God had said that He would fight their battles, that He would go before them. They had GOD's PROMISE.

By turning back and retreating, they proved that they thought God was not going to keep His word, and that God, in reality, didn't have enough power [or willingness] to give them the land that flows with milk and honey--making of God a liar.

We see Caleb standing up and making the congregation be quiet, inviting them to take courage and act, going forward to take possession of the promised land, because Caleb believed and trusted God. Only Joshua supported him [which proves that the majority is not always right].

Joshua and Caleb prophesied the victory with their eyes fixed on God, not trusting their own strength, but God's. With what confidence and trust did Caleb speak!--confident on the Almighty God, not minding the giants, the walls, and the armies [mighty problems and difficulties] that he was going to face. It didn't matter how big they were, God was going to conquer them for him!

Let's keep going forward, facing and overcoming the giants that rise before us. Some of the giants we have to conquer are: fear, unbelief, lack of faith, discouragement, lack of work, laziness, pride, selfishness, vainglory, gossip, unfaithfulness, and rebellion.

God is with us. As He promised the Israelites then, He has promised to be with us all the days of our lives [if we don't abandon Him]. Let's fight the good battle to be able to reach the Promised Land, the New Jerusalem. We are almost there; let's not do like the people of Israel, that turned back.

Numbers 13:17-33

Let's not walk by sight, but by faith.

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