Life in the Spirit
--by Joe Dalton

First Day: Wednesday, March 26th, 2003

There is only One who can reconcile us with God the Father: Jesus Christ. Jesus came so that everyone might have life, abundant life.

Men can't live in peace unless they come to God. We must accept Jesus in our lives as Lord and Savior. It's more than acknowledging that He is Lord and Savior, it's having a personal relationship with Him, making Him the center of our lives, the driver of our destinies.

We can't live the Christian life by ourselves, we need Jesus.

A prayerful life makes us want to tell others about Jesus because we get to know Him personally. And upon the Baptism in the Holy Spirit we lose fear.

With God's Power, we have very powerful weapons to cast out deceiving thoughts, temptation. To have the Holy Spirit is to have the Wind (Pneuma) on our side.

Persevere, our battle is against principalities, forces of the darkness, not men.

Christianity is not just keeping a set of rules, it's not just about loving your neighbor, but about a personal loving relationship with Jesus. It is when we have that personal loving relationship with Jesus that we, in a natural, effortless way, keep the commandments, love our neighbor.

When we seek Him and His Glory, He will give us back what the locust and the plagues ate away. There is no blessing in Heaven that God is withdrawing from us. We need to seek Him with all our hearts.

Salvation is a free gift. It can't be earned. Satan came to kill, to steal, and to destroy. JESUS has come so that we may have life, and that in abundance.

It's not a matter of saying something, it's a matter of believing truly what we are saying we believe.

We need to believe God above our feelings. "Blessed are those who believe without seeing."

Perfect love casts out fear.

Second Day

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